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December 01, 2014

Candid Camera: Wedding Flash

Photograph by Milind Ketkar. Compiled by Neha Gupta

What’s the role of a wedding photographer? Capturing candid moments that get etched in time

Moving Image “This was taken at Christina’s wedding to Mrityunjay, an American marrying a Maharashtrian NRI. The girl holding the shoe is probably a guest from the bride’s side. Certain Indian weddings follow a playful tradition of the bride’s side hiding the groom’s shoe and demanding money in exchange. This particular lady seemed to have hit jackpot! The image very clearly shows the joy on the girl’s face. The groom is smiling, but the camera captures his limited happiness at being defeated.”

Challenges “A wedding photographer has to be very alert to capture any such actions and for me it was more difficult because I shoot all the weddings without flash, so capturing any fast action can lead to a blurred image.”

Photographer Milind A Ketkar started his career in 1987. Till a little over half a decade ago he contributed heavily to Indian and international stockists. Just recently he found himself in association with Kodak’s Better Photography, and was also invited to be a member at The Wedding Photojournalist Association (USA). Today, apart from making conceptual photographs, he has gone a step further with videography as well.

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