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July 02, 2014

Candid Camera: “Contrasts”

Photograph by Hema Narayanan. Text by Neha Gupta

Verve’s online ‘Candid Camera’ series showcases moving images that tell a story. Bengaluru-based Hema Narayanan shoots contrasts

Concept “Contrasts co-exist in this world. Time flies past. My concept was to blend these two aspects and show how with time, people change or age and how contrasts are a reality.”

Subject “These are two Buddhist women, who sat beside each other at the Hemis Monastery of Leh (Ladakh). With deep thoughts and a distant gaze, they looked intently at the Hemis festival unfolding in front of them.”

Moving Image “I deciphered it as two people next to one another – affected by the passage of time. One is a young and strong woman, dreaming for the years ahead and another, an old and fragile woman, wondering what the future will hold. 

Photographer Hema Narayanan is a photojournalist, writer, technology consultant and Getty images artist from Bengaluru. She has been one amongst the top 35 shortlisted for the National Geographic World Nomads Travel Scholarship 2011. Her work has been published in several leading Indian dailies, magazines and portals. Apart from being invited to judge photography contests, she offers herself as a teacher for different genres of photography as well and even conducts unique photography trips to experience India.

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