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June 01, 2015

Candid Camera: Youth

Photograph by Bhumika Bhatia. Compiled by Saumya Sinha

Bhumika Bhatia’s hauntingly beautiful imagery breathes life into the wonderland that every heart aches for

Location Gurgaon

Moving Image “This particular image is from my series Fragile Hearts. It’s a story I started two years ago. A story about sisters who slept one night and never awoke; realising that it was one the best things that could have ever happened to them; it was grace in disguise. They live in a limbo now; fresh footprints, leading to a trail of crossroads; where there is no past to regret and no future to anticipate, everything is in this precious moment. A waning crescent moon – like floating cocoons – in a sea of tidal space. Sometimes, they come in my dreams, asking me to leave this world for enchanted forests, white wolves and black horses.”

Photographer Since her first exhibition at the age of 19; Bhumika Bhatia has presented her work across the world in various publication and worked with reputed brands. She aspires to change the photography scene in India by capturing beauty that lies in wild, skewed and unique subjects.

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