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September 21, 2015

Quick 3 With Anuranjita Kumar

Text by Zaral Shah

Anuranjita Kumar’s book Can I Have It All compiles her personal experiences to inspire readers to follow their dreams

An attempt at inspiring readers to follow their dreams even while facing obstacles, Can I Have It All compiles the author’s personal experiences through the years.

What inspired this book?
The seeds of this work were sown over time. My own journey has been influenced by my parents who brought me up more like their ‘son’. Through my various experiences, I realised that from childhood, females encounter rigid social expectations and unconscious biases. With this book, I want to bring to life these dilemmas and choices, and encourage women everywhere to live their lives with courage, conviction and confidence.

What was your experience while writing?
This book is a product of all my experiences, and of trials and tribulations that shaped me as much as the victories and high points. With every chapter, I relived so many memories and reflected about the times gone by and what I learnt along the way.

As a gold medallist in industrial psychology, what have you observed through your interactions with people over the years? 
Regardless of culture, geography or gender, it takes a lot to achieve success, whether at the workplace or at home. Working with people from around the world gives one a chance to reinvent and imbibe the best of everything. I learnt that what I may think to be passion may come across as aggression in subtle Western cultures. Emotions are the same and human connections transcend race, colour or gender.

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