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January 13, 2016

#TheHybridLife: Get Lost In Brandon Kidwell’s Images

Photographs by Brandon Kidwell

The photographer’s arresting multidimensional images will inspire you

Artistic and philosophical by nature, Brandon Kidwell captures – and interlaces – myriad layers with unusual sensitivity. Using double exposures to portray inspirational moments from life experiences, the award-winning US-based photographer creates arresting multidimensional images.

What does change mean to you?
To me, change is an opportunity to grow — everything can be looked upon as an opportunity, if you’re open and willing.

What techniques do you use to create your final imagery? Do you prefer amalgamated techniques over original images?
I prefer to keep my process simple. This brings a greater dependency on environment and lighting. I like to create multiple exposures in the camera. I then make some adjustments in Lightroom to the lighting and contrast, and then work on creating interesting tones to spotlight the emotion of the image. I don’t really prefer amalgamated techniques, but the images that are created in this manner are more likely to be the ones that I share the most. I love portraits, but I tend to share these more intimately only with the people I shoot.

What concepts or themes drive your photography?
Always human emotions — they are what make things beautiful. Emotions are complex as far as their roots are concerned — in terms of their what, when, where and why. A single look can tell so many stories. I love the fact that photography can capture those fleeting moments.

Do you find a ‘hybrid’ life being showcased in your works? How so?
I would say very much so. I love to connect stories with emotion, and if you can see a story and an emotion blending and unfolding in any of my images, I feel that is the best compliment I could receive.

What’s the one thing in your environment that inspires you?
My family — I learn so much from them that it makes me a better human being every day. Due to the amount of love we feel for each other, they inspire me to be a better person with everyone I meet.

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