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February 12, 2015

Book Reviews…Transcending borders

Text by Huzan Tata

Verve gives you diverse books that will make you fall in love with India again as you travel across borders, histories and lives through their pages

  • Dillileaks, Srishti Khanna, Om Books International
  • The Land I Dream Of, Manisha Sobhrajani, Hachette India
  • Tracking The Tiger, Bob Rupani, Rupani Media

Srishti Khanna
Om Books International
In the very first chapter of the book the author proclaims, “We Dilli-ites are not insaan, we are insane”. From then on, she gives readers a low-down on Dilliwallahs, including their dressing sense, partying habits, the seven ‘Dilli Whims’, and the typical features of Dilli boys and girls. Exactly 200-pages long, this humorous book will appeal to anyone who wants an insider’s view on what life and people in the capital are like. Pick it up for a fun read, but be warned, if you have a soft corner for Delhi, you may be offended by the revelation of some secrets about the city.

The Land I Dream Of
Manisha Sobhrajani
Hachette India
“If there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here,” proclaimed Mughal emperor Jahangir about Kashmir. But events through the course of history have changed things drastically, and the reality for the state’s residents today is far from beautiful. In The Land I Dream Of — The Story of Kashmir’s Women, journalist and author Manisha Sobhrajani chronicles five stories of Kashmiri females from various backgrounds. It’s an engaging read — each story brings out the struggles, journeys and strengths of the northern state’s women, and makes one empathise with them. We’ve read, seen and heard about Kashmir and its problems from many sources; this book gives a voice to those living within, who experience the state’s beauty along with the harsh reality of the area every day of their lives.

Tracking the Tiger
Bob Rupani
Rupani Media 
If coffee-table books are your thing and nature is your first love, Tracking the Tiger is a great choice. With focus on Indian animals and sanctuaries, and pictures clicked by photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee, this one gives readers the perfect glimpse of our country’s national parks and forests, complete with short write-ups about each location. From Bandhavgarh to Kanha and Tadoba to Kaziranga, the tome brings the parks and reserves to life with its amazing images. And it’s not just tigers that fill the pages — jackals, peacocks, rhinos, langurs, sloth bears and more — the book is a treat for lovers of nature and its creatures.

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