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May 20, 2015

Conditioned Creations

Text by Huzan Tata

Use more than just your five senses to react to stimuli at a group show in Mumbai

All of us remember those days of science classes in school, where teachers taught us interesting experiments to demonstrate various theories of the subject – one of them being stimulus and response. Now, step out of those science labs and into an art gallery, to learn creative ways of the same. Sakshi Salon, a new space by Mumbai’s Sakshi Gallery, presents the first of a two-part group show, Response to Stimuli – Part 1, curated by Kanchi Mehta.

The salon, created in an attempt to promote contemporary and experimental art forms from around the world, has in this exhibition, works by five artists whose art shows us how it’s much more than just our five senses that are involved in our responding to stimuli. Sometimes, emotions like love, anger, pain and strength also create reactions to a cause.

Artist Profiles

Elisabetta di Sopra, whose work reflects the subtleties and nuances of daily lives, is a video artist from Italy. Her creation “Temporary” is about objects in a house, which disappear one after another, and the furniture is emptied of everything. Home and human figure are both naked, losing all traces of the memory of himself and his own identity.

Ratna Gupta is a sculptor and installation artist based in Mumbai, working with natural found objects, most of which are dead or decaying. She uses them as the foundation of her works, and further embellishes them with needles, silk and suture thread, latex with fine linear drawings, that are a result of repetitive action.

Loise Braganza is a textile artist and a fashion designer based in Mumbai. Her work is inspired from the daily sights and sounds of her environs, which are further translated into colour, print, design and pattern.

Thomas Louis is a Goa-based ceramic artist. He has been creating several organic forms, most of which are derived from parasites such as fungi, bloodsuckers, and crustaceans such as sea urchins and barnacles.

Nishant Shukla is a photographer from Mumbai. His work in this exhibition, “Conversations”, is a series of Muybridge-esque black and white contact sheets, where his close family and friends have been photographed. Capturing them in such a manner is the artist’s way of saying goodbye to his dear ones.

Response to Stimuli – Part 1 is on display at Sakshi Salon @ Gauri Khan’s Studio, Mumbai (15 A, Deepvan Building, Khar Danda, 20th Road, Khar West) until June 13, 2015.

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