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August 24, 2015

Exploring Fragments and Fragmentation

Text by Huzan Tata

Two artists discover the similar and the different in their creations at a joint show in New Delhi

From the largest being to the tiniest creature, everything – even memory – is made up of fragments. But when these pieces come together, they could create something truly wonderful. In Fragments and Fragmentation, artists Gopika Nath and Kathryn Myers explore how their works – marks, colours, textures and shapes – blend and contrast with each other.

As the note for the show says, ‘discovering the common ground and contrasts in their subject matter, methods and materials, and acknowledging how Indian art, culture, geography and daily life have informed their work in diverse ways, the works…present these parallels and contrasts through fragments…and are an exploration of their respective focused studies of the internal and external worlds’. Who said there isn’t beauty in fragments?

Artist Profiles

Gopika Nath A textile artist and writer, she has work with several fashion designers such as Rohit Bal, Gitanjali Kashyap and Ashish Soni, creating speciality fabrics. In the art world, Nath uses embroidery as her medium of expression, and has created her own range of sarees and scarves as well.

Kathryn Myers Holding an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, the artist has worked in the fields of photography, video art and painting. Myers has exhibited at several exhibitions internationally and has also curated art shows. She is also known for directing the 2011 film, Regarding India, a series of interviews with contemporary artists living and working in the country.    

Fragments and Fragmentation is on display at Gallery Art And Aesthetic, New Delhi (F 213/A, First Floor, Old M B Road, Lado Sarai) from August 7 to Sepetember 6, 2015

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