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May 11, 2016

Lose Yourself in Image Poems by A Ramachandran

Text by Huzan Tata

Explore the artist’s collection of delightful watercolour paintings at his latest solo show

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One look at the artist’s work, and you’re immediately reminded of Raagmala paintings – their beauty lies in their simplicity. In his latest show, Earthen Pot – Image Poems, Delhi-based A Ramachandran presents a series of 21 watercolour paintings, recreating themes of fertility and memory. He explores various moods through his compositions, and brings to life the vitality of nature as well. As the press note for the show says, ‘Balanced, and detailed, the drawings are essentially about a longing and yearning to be in the midst of nature, as if dreamt by the artist.”

5 Questions with the artist, A Ramachandran

  1. Artistic Motivations: “It’s simply my gift and talent. When you are disciplined about your work you don’t need any other motivation.”
  2. Inspirations: “My country.”
  3. On the wall at home: “Miniature paintings and works of other artists who I admire.”
  4. Concerns that find a place in your art: “My concern is simply to produce good art. Art is not propaganda, it is a medium of self-expression. It’s not meant to be dissected like literature…it’s pure in form. There are some parts of the human mind that can be expressed only through lines and colours, and that is my main intention.”
  5. If not an artist, you would be…“I can’t think of being anything else!”

Earthen Pot – Image Poems is on display at Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi (D53, Defence Colony) until May 21, 2016. 

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