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April 01, 2015

App-solute Travel

Text by Zaral Shah

Journeying around the world can often mean crazy schedules that cause a lot of stress. Here are some out-of-the-box apps to gift yourself a well-orchestrated vacation.

For some well-deserved holiday time, all you need (other than a no-limit credit card) is to book a flight and make a hotel reservation. Now, some exciting apps can double up as your travel agent and much more. Soon, it won’t be surprising to have an app which suggests a diet for you, keeping your destination in mind, or another one giving you the thread-count of the sheets at your hotel. Soon enough — if it’s not already so — your phone might be the only thing you need to take along. In fact, these quirky and fun apps are out there and waiting to be explored. So plan your holiday the smart-phone way!

Choreographed Slumber
These apps make sure you’re awake and alert for the breakfast-in-bed. Entrain and Jet Lag Rooster help you adjust your sleep according to changes in time zones. They calculate and shift your body clock to suit your day all the way from an enthusiastic morning to a romantic dinner at your destination.

Temperature Diaries
The Weather Pro app makes sure you have seven-day detailed forecasts for two million cities around the world, to help pack the sunscreen or furs right.

Restless Halt
All set to board, a wait at or post security check is never anticipated. GateGuru can assist you with airport security wait times and guide you through the food, shops and other services at airports across continents.

Suitcase System
Another tech wonder, Packing Pro comes with sample lists, and the software is designed to help make those 100 lists you need to pack for your travels.

Uncovering Mysteries
Some architectural marvels, landmarks, barcodes and artworks are unknown to many of us. Fear not — Google Goggles will search its database and make sure you label that Snapchat right! The app is also to read various languages, translate them, and it can even lend you a hand to solve puzzles and read business cards.

Snappy Transfers
Be it Oceania, Asia or the US, waiting for the traditional placard with your name scribbled across it, can be changed by not more than a few swipes across the Uber app.  Headquartered in San Francisco, as of last year, Uber is available in over 200 cities across 53 countries.

Calming Chords
Sleep Sounds HQ has an array of naturally recorded sounds to soothe your senses and ensure that your jet-lag adjusted sleep goes as planned. It can be used anywhere, to block out the outside world — including those enthusiastically talkative co-travellers.

Bridge to Cyberspace
The Wi-Fi Finder scans in and around your location to find the closest free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots.

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