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April 06, 2016

Visit The Gateway School’s Annual Art Showcase

Text by Huzan Tata

Watch kids show off their creativity at a special summer exhibition by this school for children with disabilities

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In a noble initiative, Indira Bodani hosts an exhibition of artworks created by children with learning disabilities. From Ajay De, Krsna Mehta and Laila Motwane to Shirali Tyabji, Michelle Poonawalla and Vidita Singh, several artists have visited The Gateway School to work with the children, helping them create innovative artworks. Here’s an opportunity to enter the mind of kids through their colourful creations.

The Spring-Summer 2016 show is on display at Upadasthra House, Mumbai (48, Dr. V.B. Gandhi Marg, opposite the Synagogue, Kala Ghoda, Fort) from April 6-8, 2016. 

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