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November 24, 2014

An Introspective Journey

Amol Palekar’s colourful offerings are an expression of the multi-faceted artiste’s relentless search for his inner self

Actor and film-maker Amol Palekar started his career as a painter. Believing strongly that Camus’ words ‘I rebel, therefore I exist’ underline his career he states that his life’s journey was never defined or linear. Art, theatre and cinema have, over the years, engaged his attention.

Today, the multi-faceted artiste has found consolation in the blank canvases which spark off an introspective journey in search of those images hidden in his mind. He believes that his finished canvases with all their perceptible and untraceable possibilities will offer a confession. And he will find himself again and lose himself anew.

Artist Speak
The process of theatre productions, film-making and the world of paintings are completely different in terms of its execution. Theatre and films necessarily involve a team work, while painting is completely self-based.

I am tired of being in an industry which offers no place for non-mainstream cinema. I feel restless seeing the changing face of our audience as well. In contrast, a blank canvas triggers an introspective journey in search of images hidden in my mind.

I have been swimming against the mainstream throughout my journey of 45 years in ‘showbiz’. As an actor, I successfully managed not to be larger than life. As a film-maker, I made non-masala films which dealt with significant social issues; I refused to make films that spoonfed the audience with ready answers leaving no space for any sub-text, subtlety or finer nuances.

Now I wish to unravel the subliminal possibilities of visual art. I’m continuing my journey of not following the ‘popular’ beaten track. I am working on an ‘Abstracts in Oil’ theme. Paintings in comparison to films are that much more inaccessible; abstract works are even more unapproachable!

For so long, I continued to do obdurately what I felt like doing from within. Now i wish to continue to do the same.

Amol Palekar’s ‘Abstracts Oil on Canvas’ will be on show at the Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai from November 25 – December 12, 2014.

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