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August 19, 2018

A Show Of Strength

Text and Artworks by Kanika Agarwal

An analogue collage artist, Kanika Agarwal plays with paper to communicate her ideas. Verve presents a thought-provoking shortlist from her collection that aims to highlight the fortitude of women

I often work with colourful paper patches – and these are an integral part of this handmade collage series. I feel a lot can be expressed through paper. Each layer adds meaning to the final narrative – whether it is through the texture, hue or the way the paper is torn.

I believe that a lot of things that cannot be expressed in words can easily be communicated visually. These visuals then become the reference point for a certain emotion. Through this body of work, I have tried to throw light on how women find the strength to survive in a patriarchal society.

Since I am self-taught, no formal instruction has defined my creative process. The artistic process engrosses me. Collages are fun to make and I lead by instinct. I draw inspiration from my own experiences, as well as from nature, the fortitude of women and the complexities of human emotions.

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