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February 06, 2016

8 Picks from Dhaka Art Summit #Live

Curation text and images by Sonal Singh. Sonal Singh's image by Toranj Kavyon

An exclusive live curation of Dhaka Art Summit 2016 by Sonal Singh, Christie’s

Sonal Singh, Christie’s head of department, South Asian Modern and Contemporary Art (Mumbai) pops into the ongoing Dhaka Art Summit 2016 and sends her picks for Verve live on our social media handles. See Sonal’s round-up here:

1. This morning our group attend a tour of Bangladesh’s parliament. Built by Louis Kahn, the construction of this impressive structure was started in 1964 and was originally commissioned by Pakistan for their capital in East Pakistan. It was finally inaugurated in 1982 having cost over 16 million dollars.

2. Dhaka-based artist Sanad Biswas is part of the performance pavilion.

3. I first saw these ‘photograms’ at Nalini Malani’s exhibition at the Kiran Nadar Museum in Delhi. These works from 1970 are some of my favourite pieces by her – being shown at the exhibition Rewind.*

4. Haroon Mirza’s installation, The National Apavilion of then and now (2011) plays with our senses: sound, sight and touch, to reveal something quite magical!

5. ‘Watching Films Meeting Lovers It Was A Beautiful Time…’ #performancepavilion

6. Delhi artist, Arpita Singh’s early works on paper from the late 1970s and early 80s. So beautiful and delicate! Also at Rewind*.

7. A detail from Waqas Khan’s work on paper titled, In the Name of God, executed in 2015. The work is made over eight panels, over 5-feet high and 3-feet wide each!

8. The artist who stole everyone’s heart (and attention)…. Dhaka-born Gazi Nafis Ahmed’s photographs focus on intimacy and subtle moments shared between his subjects. At the Samdani Art Award.


*Dhaka Art Summit, 2016 (February 5-8 at the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy) curated by Mumbai-based Diana Campbell Betancourt, introduces a historical section, Rewind, which highlights practices of South Asian artists active before 1980, curated by the Samdani Art Foundation along with a team including Beth Citron (Rubin Museum), Sabih Ahmed (Asia Art Archive) and Amara Antilla (Guggenheim). Many of the works in Rewind will come from the Bangladesh National Collection and private collections from the region, and many will be exhibited for the first time in over 20 years. Some of the artists included are Lionel Wendt, Anwar Jalal Shemza, Nalini Malani, Monika Correa, Rashid Choudhury, Saifuddin Ahmed, Akbar Padamsee (with Ashim Ahluwalia) SM Sultan, Zahoor ul Akhlaq, Germaine Krull, Arpita Singh, Bagyi Aung Soe and Krishna Reddy.

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