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August 27, 2017

3 Intriguing Reads From The Month Of August

Text by Zaral Shah and Huzan Tata

Engrossing short stories, an immigrant’s search for love and a fantastical tale…

A Life Of Adventure And Delight
Akhil Sharma
Penguin Random House India
Each of the eight stories in Sharma’s third novel offers fascinating insights into the lives of Indians overseas and at home. Taking the reader through complex relationships, settings and circumstances, Sharma delves deeper into the matters of the heart. While the tone of the tome is pensive with occasional touches of humour from the very first story, the solemn opening of the titular tale is fairly paradoxical to the title and cover of the book. Simple writing, which keeps you absorbed and is sure to move you at certain points, makes A Life of Adventure and Delight a compelling read.

The Lovers
Amitava Kumar
Aleph Book Company
The narrator Kailash’s account of his tryst with love in his youth, during his time at a university in New York, throws light on the women who influenced him while on campus. As the description of the book rightfully states, it’s ‘a decidedly modern novel that melds story and reportage, anecdote and annotation, picture and text, fragment and essay….’ Having previously authored novels like Lunch With a Bigot, Nobody Does the Right Thing and Passport Photos, in his latest, Kumar pens the tale of a man longing for love.

– Zaral Shah

The Liar’s Weave
Tashan Mehta
What would you do if fate and destiny played no role in your life? Set in the 1900s, the newly minted author’s work tells the story of young Zahan Merchant who is born without a future, but has the ability to alter reality with his lies. Touching on themes of history, mythology, and magic realism, The Liar’s Weave is a fanciful tale set in a world traversing both reality and fantasy. Writing in simple but arresting prose, Mehta manages to pull the reader into her imagined worlds and lives with great ease, leaving them eager to know how Zahan’s story unfolds.

– Huzan Tata

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