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July 28, 2016

When Sneakers Took Over Snapchat

Text by Wyanet Vaz

From larger-than-life sneakers to sea monsters, papercraft bees and fancy collages… Take a look at a radical take on fashion, art and tennis shoes

#24HourAce is Gucci’s digital project that spans across artists, media, continents and time zones. ‘Creativity is often born and finds itself in digital media, a vital source of visual culture’. There is no doubt about Alessandro Michele’s take on collaborating fashion with art with digital. (Remember their #Guccigram and the recent version where Asian artists added a contemporary spin to historical Tian prints.)

This time the focus shifts to their Ace sneaker. The white tennis shoe is an addition to the sneaker culture – a foundation stone in the grand scheme of athleisure. Michele got 19 artists to use their own media and experiment with the sneaker. Bringing an inanimate object to life, the Ace sneaker is overlapped with contemporary ideas, otherworldly imagery and visuals that are beautiful as they are intriguing.

Gucci also gives you a chance to go behind the scenes with these collaborators with #24HourAce on Snapchat. Before these snaps become nothing more than a memory, take a look at artist inspirations, as they walk you through the creative process. From London Artist Adam Csoka Keller’s take on techno art, to Seoul’s skater sensation Hyo Joo and Rita Zimmerman’s video game landscape, each snap is unique, mind-boggling just like the concept.

Verve picks some of the best videos from the campaign…

Brazilian street artist Ananda Nahu

Norway-based videographer Geeoh Snap

A video posted by @geeohsnap on

Cape Town-based artist Danielle Clough

Dublin based paper artist Julianna Szabo

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