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October 28, 2016

11 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Your Favourite TV Characters

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

Let’s call it a day with the Harley Quinn costumes, shall we?

Eleven, Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers

Stranger Things was devoured eagerly by fans of science fiction much like the unsuspecting victims on the show who were wolfed down by the terrifying Demogorgon. While Eleven, with her spectacular telekinesis and psychic powers, is a clear Halloween favourite this year, we’re also placing our bets on brooding Chief Jim Hopper and frazzled mother Joyce Byers.

Seal the deal: If you’re going as Eleven, try to keep your verbal limit to one word per hour. Say ‘pretty’ and ‘mouth breather’ with a vacant expression on your face and walk away nonchalantly from your group of friends. Carry some red paint around with you to make sure you have frequent nosebleeds. Those dressing as Joyce Byers can add more character to their outfit by sticking a cardboard with the letters of the alphabet on their back and adorning it haphazardly with fairy lights. Scream ‘Have you seen my son?’ at passersby and you may even end up winning ‘best Halloween costume of the year’.

Piper Chapman and Alex Vause

The inmates from Litchfield have a standard uniform – what with their being in prison practically all the time. If you’re going as a prisoner from Orange is the New Black, take a girl friend along with you, then behave extremely affectionate towards her all evening while studiously ignoring the men around you.

Seal the deal: Throw in a few suggestive dance moves around your friend now and then to remind people of Alex and Piper’s provocative Milkshake dance. If you’re playing Alex, don’t forget to put on her signature glasses along with her perpetual smirk.

Pablo Escobar and his sicarios

Narcos is one of those TV series that we had to read rather than watch because 90 percent of the show was in Spanish. We’re not complaining though, because we learned to say ‘muchas gracias’ in the most authentic accent. If you’re going as the notorious drug lord, you’ll need to have his trademark moustache – boys could either grow one; girls could beg, borrow, steal or just buy one.

Seal the deal: Carry an adequate amount of body talc and ensure there’s some of it smeared on your hands throughout. Plan with a few friends in advance to approach you deferentially from time to time, mumble ‘si patrón’ and waltz away quickly while you quietly say ‘plata o plomo’. You’ll also need to stuff your shirt to make it look like Escobar’s famous protruding belly.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

We know that rooting for the brazen duo of the chemistry professor who moonlighted as a meth dealer and his partner wasn’t right. But Vince Gilligan portrayed their moral dilemmas and shortcomings so  convincingly that while we hated supporting them, we did it all the same. Dressing up as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad is fairly easy – all you have to do is wear a bright yellow plastic onesie (or a raincoat) over regular clothes and you’re good to go.

Seal the deal: Put on a lab helmet and offer your friends a tray of suspiciously bright blue candy while greeting them and they will be effectively nonplussed. You can also yell ‘I am the one who knocks’ to oblivious guests at the party.

Don Draper

Be prepared to bring out something even better than your Friday best if you’re going as the omniscient ad executive from Mad Men. Don a hat for good measure and tip it at every lady that passes by you. Make sure you’re never seen without a glass of scotch in your hand and a knowing expression on your face.

Seal the deal: Brush up on your advertising knowledge beforehand and spout some pearls of wisdom every time somebody approaches you. Click all your pictures with the sepia filter to capture the 60s vibe on film.

Max Black and Caroline Channing

It will be really hard to keep guests from flocking to you continuously because, let’s face it, Max and Caroline from 2 Broke Girls are the sassiest on TV right now. All you’re going to need is a mustard mini dress with a red apron and oodles of charm to dish out, as you pretend-waitress your way around the place.

Seal the deal: If you’re going as Caroline, you can’t miss her vintage pearl necklace that was the only family heirloom she managed to salvage after being declared insolvent. To up the theatrics, you can also serve your friends a batch of freshly baked cupcakes with a placard on the tray that says ‘Max’s homemade cupcakes’.

Hank Moody

You’ll need to rope in all your girl pals to get this one right because Californication’s Hank Moody is unrecognisable without his entourage of ladies. His look is pretty low maintenance too – carelessly throw on a worn out black tee with a desolate leather jacket for best results.

Seal the deal: You’ll need to have a couple of wisecracks up your sleeve at all times to pull this one off credibly. It would also bode well for you if you painted Moody’s nihilistic bestseller’s title ‘God hates us all’, onto a plain black book.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Honestly, everyone wants to dress up as TV’s favourite highly functioning sociopath and his constantly hassled sidekick. You may never be able to outrival Sherlock’s wit, but putting on a smart trench along with his trademark deerstalker cap is as close as you’ll get to looking like the debonair detective. If you want to mix things up a bit, you can also strap on a top hat as Sherlock and Watson from The Abominable Bride.

Seal the deal: The icing on the cake is getting a friend who is similarly dressed to ask you, “Did you miss me?” in Moriarty’s demented style. Change your message tone to Irene Adler’s titillating ‘ah’ to drive the point home more persuasively.

Dexter Morgan

The serial killer, who channels his thirst for human vivisection constructively, is easy to emulate with his casual olive tee and cargo pants ensemble. Put on a bloodstained (we mean red paint) apron to complete the look.

Seal the deal: Carry a fake knife splattered with blood and skulk around, staring at random people across the room to give them the chills. Convince a friend to come wrapped in tight transparent bandages so that you can prepare your future victims for what’s in store for them.

Hannibal Lecter

You have to be dressed to the nines to pass off as even a shadow of Hannibal Lecter. Proceed to keep the most impassive facial expression throughout the evening. While everyone is befuddled as to what character you’re dressed as, callously unfold a plastic suit and slip it on. You’ll see the proverbial bulb light over everyone’s head almost instantly.

Seal the deal: For a real case of the creeps, get a baker to prepare customised cupcakes for you in the shape of human organs that ooze red syrup when bitten into. Munch on them at the party without batting an eyelid and if anyone dares to maintain eye contact with you for too long, offer them a piece.

Ellen Degeneres

Finally, if you’re all out of options and are lucky enough to have your hair cut short, you could always go as the beloved talk show host with her unparalleled humour. Pair a blazer with a smart shirt or wear a grandfather vest over your shirt – Ellen has never been too fussy with her dressing after all. Brogues or sneakers, however, are mandatory.

Seal the deal: Walk around the room asking your friends the most random questions and keep a witty quip ready at hand to throw back at that them as soon as they answer you.

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