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Gary Mehigan MasterChef
November 21, 2013

Gary’s Taste Trail

As Told To Viseshika Sharma

MasterChef Australia host Gary Mehigan takes us on a tour of some of his favourite foodie havens Down Under


Jamaica Jammin’

Text by Shirin Mehta

The island paradise of Jamaica in the Caribbean, is poised for a re-run of its Golden Age when celebrities flocked to its sun-kissed beaches and lived the fabulous island life. Here, six reasons why you must visit Jamaica, now

Scarlet Fever

Photographed by Advan Matthew At Facecraft Creatives And Models. Styling by Shirin Salwan Realisation by Poloumi Dey. Make-up and hair by Daniel Bauer. Model courtesy: Emily Walker, Anima Creative Management. Location courtesy: Cheval, Mumbai.

Shy on the surface but brimming with oomph and sensuality on the inside, this woman has her way, always. She indulges in luscious shades of reds with seductive undertones. Beware, for her mysterious gaze and coquettish ways will cast an everlasting spell on you...

Amy Jackson

Dance of the Peacock

Text by Sitanshi Talati-Parikh. Photographs by Joy Dutta. Styling by Nisha Jhangiani

Verve cover girl, British model, Amy Jackson on becoming a desi heroine

Jacqueline Fernandez

Beauty From Another Border

Text by Sitanshi Talati-Parikh

Indian cinema has become a multi-ethnic turf with the foray of Eurasian or non-Indian fair-skinned brunettes. The film industry continues to open its arms to a posse of beautiful foreigners, which may be a sign of globalisation or reverse exoticism

Krithika Subrahmanian
November 01, 2013

Grace & Fluidity

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Photographs by Sukil Tarnas and Khushboo Agarwal

Her discipline, elegance and eye for details – developed over years of dancing – have helped enhance her sensibilities as an architect. Chennai-based Krithika Subrahmanian interacts with Verve in her home that resonates with a sense of aesthetics

Festooning The Flight

Text by Neha Gupta

Designing aircraft interiors is not very different from designing a home – with safety requirements in place. Verve discusses luxe experiences up in the air