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March 29, 2017

Travel Checklist: Pria Kataaria Puri

Compiled by Tina Dastur

The fashion designer and celebrity stylist, who divides her time between America, Kuwait and India, shares a page from her travel diary…

In her bag…
A pair of Fendi Stet Tom Ford sunglasses, a cashmere shawl from Bergdorf Goodman for sudden weather changes, Obagi sunscreen and wireless Apple earphones.

Favourite getaway…
“San Francisco, for its diverse culture and pleasant climate throughout the year. The city also has an exciting nightlife and amazing hiking paths.”

Wish list…
Google’s 3D glasses, followed closely by a Kindle for reading on the move.

Next stop…
She has her sights set on South America and Ladakh and would also like to explore more of Greece and Spain.

Closet coveting…
“I really like the holistic approach towards fashion and clothes that I see in Reshma Merchant’s collection for House of Milk. I admire that they are promoting a richer, more nourishing and fulfilling way of living. I love the drapes, styles and silhouettes because they can be worn by women of any size and shape.”

From her travel diary…
“I’m completely and madly in love with Jordan — the Dead Sea experience is one I will never forget.”

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