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October 13, 2012

“Luxury Means Doing Simple Things”

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena.

Inspired by Indian sensibilities, he conceptualises beautiful spaces which are an extension of the people who are going to use them. Vinod Jain, managing director, Magppie Group, speaks about the stories that breathe life into his aesthetic interiors

On luxury spaces
There is definitely a shift in the way Indian consumers perceive the design of their homes. Their homes are an extension of their personalities. There is a lot of thought which goes into making a home. Each little corner has its own importance in today’s day and age. Luxury, for us, really means doing simple things. Our designs are customised, incorporating the latest design concepts and techniques.

On concept living
Concept living has been a very big project for Magppie. All of us brainstormed and researched on this subject for almost five years. We interacted with over 4000 families in the north and west of India. It was found that the woman of the house  wants to cook herself and serve  exotic cuisines to her family. In fact, we found that even the man wants to experiment his cooking skills.  But, they could not find the right environment kitchen and effective appliances for this.  During the research most of them also shared with us that they believed in the old saying that the emotions of the cook are transferred into the food and ultimately to the persons who are eating it. After this research, it took us four years to develop such emotional kitchens integrated with living and dining rooms.On what drives his vision

There is no Indian brand that is giving factory-finished interiors. Generally, when we think about quality finish in terms of interiors, we think about importing them. But, our products are not inspired by global trends; instead we are really inspired by Indian sensibilities and the needs of our consumers.

On revamping kitchens
Talking about kitchens in specific, they are no more a closed corner of a house. They have become a part of one’s living room and are more about the experience and are not just about being utilitarian. Many HNIs – our target customers – love cooking and would like to make exotic foods in the kitchen provided they have an exotic kitchen. The act of cooking is like a meditation for some and a passion for others. New TV shows like MasterChef are inspiring people to experiment. Making chocolates, trying to cook Mediterranean stuff, sushi and more for the family is the most fulfilling experience.

On his ‘stories’
Each space has a story and that is the real essence of that space, its starting point. The story revolves entirely on the people who will be using that area, what their personality is, their emotions which get translated into that space.

On his icon – ‘M’  
‘M’ stands for my home; it could stand for your home too. It really evokes emotions and warmth as I or you enter our home. Our logo is also designed in a way that it defines ‘I am home’.

On customised solutions
We are an Indian brand and we understand Indian needs and sensibilities very well. We design concepts and spaces that work in our conditions.  Customisation plays a very important role in our business. We can 100 per cent customise what we do, to a client’s personal needs, liking and personality. All our creations are made inhouse in our own factory with the best German engineers working on them, unlike many other brands where for instance, the kitchens are imported and just assembled in India. We believe in offering the best international standards but all made here for Indian conditions.

On the materials
Materials play an important role in Magppie concepts. From the basic raw materials that go into making the structure or the backbone of a kitchen or any space to the final finishes, everything is researched for Indian conditions.

On creating a lifestyle
We are creating a lifestyle where the kitchen is no longer the dark corner of the house. It is a part of the living area where family and friends really spend quality time. Our ‘Family Kitchen’ is more than just a kitchen – its island extends to the dining space, a TV unit and a library where everyone can relax.

On designing entire homes
We are definitely moving towards designing the entire home. In fact, our concept store at Raghuvanshi Mills in Mumbai showcases a concept bedroom, a library, office space, a bathroom, concept kitchens and bars.

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