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December 14, 2016

Chef Ranveer Brar On His New Gourmet Eatery

Text by Shirin Mehta

And why it’s not just for vegetarians…

The space draws you in…. Is it the art or the food? Probably a fine gelling together of the two that does it! On the ground level is The Amateur Gallery (TAG), a space that promotes experiences in art, design, food, wine and culture, and attempts to give young, emerging artists a worthy platform. While the walls are lined with canvases, the eye is drawn to the ‘art bar’, which stocks a collection of fine wines and turns out delicious cocktails for the restaurant located on the floor above. TAG GourmArt Kitchen by Ranveer Brar is the chef’s first signature restaurant, an exclusive vegetarian gourmet eatery. The two together have been dubbed GourmArt and are definitely worth a visit. A great venue for non-vegetarians as well….

Chef Ranveer Brar talks about his new culinary space:

Challenges in planning a vegetarian restaurant and menu…
“The biggest challenge was to create a restaurant space and a menu that appeals across all preferences so that the non-vegetarian also would have enough reasons to visit. Also tying in the art and food together was a major point of focus.”

The trick behind umami…
“We use techniques like fermentation and extraction to bring out the subtle ‘meatiness’ in vegetables. We also use seaweed and seaweed gums that create the desired result.”

A dish you are proud of…
“The Nikkei watermelon salad is a dish that I am really happy about. It does justice to the Nikkei tradition of Peru which brings together Japan and the West beautifully. It’s sous vide watermelon served with a seaweed extract on top of a yam guacamole.”

Secret behind blending Lucknowi and Japanese influences…
“Respect is the secret. If you give traditional cuisine the space and the respect that they deserve, you handle techniques and flavours more responsibly, allowing a meaningful and inspired recipe to take birth.”

Your TV shows have taught you…
“The importance of keeping an open mind while eating, cooking and being around food…. In order to create you have to be truly inspired and my travel shows give me that inspiration and knowledge.”

You admire…
“The Indian homemaker for beholding a legacy of millennia; the legacy of our cuisine has been preserved in our home kitchens and it’s the commitment of the homemaker, to happily and selflessly feed the family, that has ensured that recipes pass down from one generation to another.”

Your last meal would be…
“Khichdi made with moong dal and served with lots of ghee and mango pickle.”

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