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Stand-up Comedy

Moghul Court Miniature at CSMVS Mumbai
September 26, 2019

From a special degustation meal to a unique exhibition of miniature figurines, Verve gives you the lowdown on the events that should be on your radar this weekend
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Sumukhi Suresh, Comedy, comedienne, Indian
April 21, 2017

In spite of keeping her audiences in splits, the stand-up comedian is often told that her acts are good enough ‘for a girl’
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Biswa Kalyan Rath and Kanan Gill 3
November 16, 2015

What are these YouTube stars without a script and off the camera? You would be surprised...or not
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Aditi-Mittal, Stand-up Comedian
December 24, 2014

Humour Games

Text by Zaral Shah. Photograph by Tejal Pandey

Offbeat, but completely on track, one of India’s top stand-up comedians, Aditi Mittal is serious about evoking laughs
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Arzan Khambatta, artist, sculptor, standup comedian
July 07, 2014

Innovative leaders. Inventive actors. Out-of-the box thinkers. Creative minds. These 10 men grab the spotlight…#7: Arzan Khambatta
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All India Bakchod - AIB - Stand-up comedy: Tanmay Bhat, G Khamba, Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya

Caustic Quartet

Text by Nittal Chandarana

What makes the stand-up comedians behind All India Bakchod really laugh? What topics will they never bring up in their jokes? Take a look....
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