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Subodh Gupta, Orion, 2016, Aluminium, fabric, resin; 21.6 x 25.6 x 3.5 in, Frieze New York

Three Indian galleries are set to make their presence felt at the prestigious Frieze New York in the Big Apple early next month
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Mary Anne Toccalino, Instructional Specialist at Make-Up Designory (MUD) in Los Angeles

Instructional specialist at Make-Up Designory (MUD) in Los Angeles, Mary Anne Toccalino’s passion for her work hasn’t dimmed despite three decades in the industry. She talks to us about all things beauty
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Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockney: Self-portraits, Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockney: Photographs, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Choose from never-seen-before photocollages or inventive showcases in upcoming events from around the globe
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India Mahdavi, Architect and designer

"It’s a pity that Indians follow an Occidental way of furnishing, when their own heritage is really beautiful."
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February 03, 2017

The gifted dancer and actor shares a page from her beauty book
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Aman Mehra, New Delhi, London, Los Angeles
June 02, 2016

Actor Aman Mehra Talks About His Craft

Text by Huzan Tata. Photographs by Tejal Pandey (Mumbai), Ankush Maria (Delhi). Styling by Shweta Navandar. Make-Up by Inglot (Mumbai And Delhi)

On resisting being stereotyped and playing non-conformist characters on screen and stage
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