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Lions lounging on a tree at the mouth of the famous leopard gorge, Africa

Having just returned from a month-long safari with his wife Anjali and six-year-old twins, the author, conservationist and entrepreneur transports us into a beautiful world seemingly from another time.
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Joy Kendi, Masaai, Hidesign X Joy Kendi, Leather accessories, Dilip Kapur,
September 01, 2017

India's premium leather brand ropes in top blogger Joy Kendi to present a long-forgotten side of the Kenyan clan
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Kenya, East Africa

Visit the country of vast savannahs, predators and herds, red-robed Maasai, picture-perfect beaches, glorious sunsets and grand vistas
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Underwater Room. The Manta Resort, Pemba, Zanzibar Archipelago travel, crazy hotels of the world, adventure, luxury
December 18, 2015

18 Craziest Hotels You Need To Visit

Text by Tanisha Choudhury. Assisted by Divya Lakshmi Rajsekhar

These unusual luxury hotels should be on every bucket-list!
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Kenya, East African Jewel

A Wild Wild Wedding

Text by Nasrin Modak

At first, it’s a little hard to think why William, the Prince of Wales chose Kenya as the setting to propose to his love, Kate Middleton; but not after you’ve visited this East African jewel — it’s virgin, it’s striking and it’s picturesque to say the least says Verve
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March 20, 2008

Serengeti from my armchair

Text by Ratna Rajaiah. Illustration by Farzana Cooper

Chocolate baths in Perugia, water skiing among hippos in Kenya, dolphin counting in the Adriatic – travel is getting more adventurous and imaginative all the time. But, if you’re the scared-of-flying or the no-time-to-holiday kind, virtual or armchair travel empowers you to roam the world in 80 clicks, enthuses Verve
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