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Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke

art from 2016
December 29, 2016

Verve takes you on a journey through impactful creations from the year gone by....
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Artwork for Dwelling at Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai
December 06, 2016

Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke's tenth anniversary show explores community, neighbourhood, relationships and belonging
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Siji Krishnan, The Family Portrait

The artist illustrates on canvas the many facets of human relationships for her latest solo show
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Ranjana Steinruecke, Berlin

Gallerist Ranjana Steinruecke Picks 4 Things To Do In Berlin

Text by Ranjana Steinruecke. Illustrations by Shamanthi Rajasingham

She guides us to her favourite restaurants, galleries and shops in the edgy capital
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Gods of the Home and Village. From the series Fields of Sight, 2014-2016, by Gauri Gill and Rajesh Vangad

View the walls of Rajasthan through a world-renowned photographer's lens...
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The artist tackles themes of nature, geography and environment in her latest show
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