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Balbinder Kumar Kangri, Barahmasa

Examining Barahmasa Miniatures That Capture The Romance Of Changing Seasons

Text by Meghaa Aggarwal. All Images by Balbinder Kumar Kangri

Balbinder Kumar Kangri's delicately rendered paintings capture the glory of changing seasons over 12 months. They narrate mythic Indian romances, with the lovers’ undulating emotions taking on a tangible dimension through the eloquent imagery of flowers in bloom or ominous rain clouds.
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The age of the internet influencer is evident no more than at the Cannes red carpet
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From buying clothes that are a size larger so her son doesn't outgrow them to buying toxic-free furniture, the founder of Swedish blog Make It Last is striving to transform her home into an eco-friendly zone
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Julien Segard at Experimenter, Kolkata
May 23, 2019

From a stand-up show by an Emmy-winning comedian to an exhibition on the importance of preserving cultural artefacts, Verve gives you the lowdown on the events that should be on your radar this weekend
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Bittu Sahgal, founder and editor of nature and wildlife conservation magazine Sanctuary Asia

Bittu Sahgal On Restoring The Balance Between Man And Nature

Text by Tina Dastur. Illustrations by Harshad Marathe

Bittu Sahgal, founder and editor of nature and wildlife conservation magazine Sanctuary Asia, is well aware of the damage that his generation has caused the environment; yet he remains hopeful. He highlights the pressing issues that are endangering our country’s flora and fauna, and speaks with Verve about the potential of the youth to catalyse a shift towards a more sustainable future
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Padmini Gopal

Through her Instagram page, @climatekarma, Padmini Gopal outlines what threats the environment is facing and what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and curtail climate change
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