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Gaurav Gupta, Designer, IMC,

On attempting to challenge and subvert traditional conventions
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Ruchika Sachdeva, Designer, Power Moment 2017, Online Power,

For her minimal aesthetic that created waves....
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Anamika Khanna, Designer, Online Power Moment,
June 19, 2017

Power Moment 2017: Anamika Khanna

Text by Saumya Sinha

For being invited by the Queen of England for the UK-India year of culture....
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Akanksha Sharma, IKEA, youngest design, first Indian, designer, design,

She also holds the distinction of being the first Indian on their design team...
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Rahul Mishra, Designer, International Woolmark Prize,

His penchant for sustainability has earned him the respect of his peers in the industry...
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Nur Kaoukji, Lebanese designer, Ecru

Get to know the mind behind Ecru, Noon, 28 Kothi Jaipur and more...
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