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January 27, 2018

The Fresh List 2018: Neha Kumthekar and Anshul Sood

Text by Zaral Shah

Neha Kumthekar and Anshul Sood are putting a spring in people’s steps with Oceedee, their one-of-a-kind online customisable shoe design studio for women

As co-founders, Neha Kumthekar and Anshul Sood ensure that the patrons of Oceedee get the very best of what their feet desire. With passion, innovation and luxury at the heart of their brand philosophy, they provide a platform for discerning women to create their perfect pair of shoes.

Neha Kumthekar
You, in three words: passionate, ambitious, a people person.

Wardrobe essentials are…a watch and the perfect pair of jeans.

When not at work, you are: I’m currently exploring the art of coffee making.

Books you enjoyed reading…The Kite Runner, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Anne Frank’s The Diary Of A Young Girl.

An era of fashion you cherish…the ’60s. Elegant, sophisticated and chic. And all the classics from Audrey Hepburn’s closet.

Passions outside of your work include…dancing and sketching portraits.

Life philosophy: oftentimes it is not self-confidence, but the confidence that others show in you that makes a difference in your life.

On 2017: it was a bungee jump — but you fall to rise again.

If you could have any job for a day, you would be…a chef at a Parisian cafe.

Anshul Sood
You, in three words: active, ambitious and a go-getter.

Wardrobe essentials are…shoes and a watch.

When not at work, you are…travelling or watching football.

An era of fashion you cherish is…the Victorian era. There was a distinctive feel to the clothes back then.

Books you enjoyed reading include…Sapiens — A Brief History of Humankind, The Tipping Point, the entire Harry Potter series, and anything by Dan Brown.

Passions outside of your work are…food and travel.

Your life motto is…you deserve it only if you earn it.

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