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May 14, 2012

Maverick On The Move

Text by Malvika Sah.

Make-up artist Sonam Chandna likes to play with tones and palettes most women are too shy to face

When Sonam Chandna dropped out of college to pursue a course in special effects in Chennai but later graduated in Sociology instead, there was only one thing she was super sure about – her love for make-up.

“Make-up was a muscle memory thing all my life. I wasn’t girly but very geeky about it. I remember telling a friend how make-up was the only thing I could do any time of the day, in any mood and how it was therapeutic to me,” she says about her passion for her profession.

Convincing her family was tough. “I knew they weren’t going to be too supportive so I made it sound like a ‘hobby’ class,” she states.

Life in the glamour world is not always as glitzy as it seems. Sonam acknowledges that there were many rejections from senior make-up artists she wanted to assist. “One even called my not-so-well-done smoky eyes a ‘joke’,” she says half heartedly but then there were others who were eager to work with youngsters which gave her the much-needed break.

For someone whose style is edgy with boundaries of mystery, Sonam is also inspired by the many women she works with everyday. “I feel like every woman has a unique goddess-like side which she is either too shy to face or is unaware of and I just like to play with those tones,” she grins.

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