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January 14, 2016

Mega Multitasker: Gauri Malhotra Narang

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Entrepreneur and managing director of IPurple, Gauri Malhotra Narang, makes time for Verve and the many things that glitter in her garden…

“Jewellery is identity revealed in style.” Gauri Malhotra Narang, the managing director of brand management firm iPurple, breathes life into her passion project ‘GMN’. Resurrecting the concept of a limited-edition bijouterie, each intricately carved jewel is never repeated. Semi-precious stones are hand-picked and sourced from different countries and reflect contemporary sensibilities.

How does the entrepreneur hustler manage her firm and come-up with innovative jewellery creations? Here’s an insight into the powerhouse…

1. What’s in your jewellery box?
My wedding ring. I plan on upgrading it every anniversary or two. Keeps the love alive.

2. Your most treasured piece of jewellery…
My father designed my mangalsutra before he passed away. I will cherish it forever.

3. What makes GMN different from any other jewellery brand?
GMN is a reflection of an individualistic mindset, of an experience, of character that is very personal to me. It is one of a kind!

4. A favourite piece from the collection…
I obsess over everything new that I work on. For now, the next one in process is my all-time favourite.

5. The life of an entrepreneur is…
Exciting, innovative and inspiring.

6. Challenges of being an entrepreneur…
People cannot keep up with you in mind and body. Slowing down for others can be a real drag (pun intended).

7. What is your life like, after hours?
I have no after hours nor do I feel the need to have a different time. I do what I like when I like. Creativity does not watch the clock.

8. Books that inspire you…
I read a lot of Osho when I was younger.

9. A life-changing moment…
The day I started my company, iPurple, in 2006. It was larger than me, larger than anything I had ever done. Three days into it, I knew it was where I was meant to be.

10. A work out that relaxes you…
Working out for me is my release to relax. It is more important than the food I eat. I replaced my dining room with a home gym. Weights, pilates, cardio, kick-boxing whatever I feel like… but it’s a significant part of what makes me, me.

11. A cause worth fighting for…
Future is female, life is a gift, health is wealth.

12. When looking for inspiration you…
Go within! It is all inside you, all you have to do is find it or let it find you.

13. Your very first splurge…
I do not splurge, I respect money. I would say I invest wisely.

14. Your latest splurge…
Stealing time and running away to the beach for a week with the boy (referring to her husband, Mikhil Narang).

15. 3 things you would love to be gifted…
Ah! I hope the right people are reading this. A holiday home in Spain, a plane and some David Webb jewellery.

16. On your bucket list…
I have so many buckets to fill and then there will be more. Languages, musical instruments, countries to see, people to help, brands, babies, body, and hopefully being a memorable experience for those who encounter me.

17. You frequently shop at…
A sizeable chunk of my hard work is devoted to Elizabetta Franchi and Hermès.

18. Brands that are close to your heart…
A. Lange & Söhne – my mentors in the world of understated true luxury.

19. Looking forward to in 2016…
To keep making some ‘maGic’!

20. All that glitters is…
Going to make you look twice! Decide wisely.

Check out her GMN collection here: 

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