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May 17, 2018

Designers To Watch Out For In 2018: Aditi Damle

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

While the artist prefers to have a fluid artistic style, bold colours, strong lines and demarcated grids are prevalent in her artworks

Growing up, her parents made their peace with the fact that their daughter was going to leave little crayon sketches on all the walls of their home, no matter how hard they tried to restrain her. In due course of time, the house was repainted and in her first act of christening their hearth, Aditi Damle emblazoned the front wall with a miniature drawing. In a moment of epiphany, her parents realised that she would grow up to be an artist, and, as the years passed, that same realisation dawned upon her too. This ambition replaced her original plan of enrolling into veterinary school, her affection for gentle creatures finding her at her aunt’s animal clinic at odd hours. “I grew up with dogs as pets and befriended all the strays who lived near us.” Damle’s sentiments find a place in her artworks which almost always feature a canine or a feline as an intrinsic component.

While she is loath to defining her artistic style, bold colours, strong lines and demarcated grids are prevalent in her artworks. “My work is self-reflective and asks questions about my identity and existential dread, putting forth an imaginary world that I have created inside my head. This is where the idea of #SayHelloToMyBrain came from. I coined the name for a Tumblr blog and it stuck,” the 28-year-old reminisces. Anachronistic by nature and obsessed with the notion of assuming different personas, she lives vicariously through movies and TV shows. Unsurprisingly, she hopes to move to a farm someday to shelter as many animals as possible.

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