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October 27, 2017

Best Dressed 2017: Tehzeeb Lakhani And Her Knack For Making Thrift And Luxe Fashion Look Equally Swanky

Text and Interview by Saumya Sinha. Photograph by Shubham Lodha. Hair and make-up by Shreshtha Sanghvi.

“I still wear the pair of gold Givenchy earrings that my mom bought over 30 years ago”

Interior designer, jewellery designer; Mumbai

A menswear trend that you enjoy
The pantsuit from Phillip Lim, Topshop, Sandro. I also love lots of fun colours these days like bright reds and cerulean blues. I lean towards more easy, relaxed silhouettes.

Dressing to feel powerful and feminine
Femininity and its power have nothing to do with fashion. We should be able to feel that way regardless of our clothes! One day it may mean I will go out in a really pretty dress and on another in a suit or my husband’s shirt!

Restrictions on style, being an Indian or a resident of India
None. It’s just that within India itself one has to be mindful of the wide cultural gap specially when working with the labour class and contractors. I can’t, or rather won’t, go to any of my sites in a mini skirt, for example.

How much of your personal style do you think is influenced by your mother?
My mother, as an artist, is very unique and unconventional in her wardrobe sense, so I would say our styles are very different and mine is not influenced by hers. It’s more a kind of aesthetic that was passed down and honed over the years. I definitely admire her style but don’t try to emulate it.

Jewellery treasure
My favourite jewellery pieces would be the ones passed down by my mum and great-grandmother. For example, I still wear the pair of gold Givenchy earrings that my mom bought over 30 years ago. All her Italian gold jewellery bought at the time are pieces I treasure. The quality and finish are hard to find today. An art deco elephant hair and gold set that my great-grandmother had bought in Paris in the ’30s is also amazing and so delicate!

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