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August 08, 2016

Verve Exclusive: Behind the scenes of Jaipur Jewels’ Myga Campaign

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

See what went into the making of the campaign for Jaipur Jewels’ ethereal bridal collection, titled Myga

Jaipur Jewels’ latest bridal collection, embodies its title Myga, a Greek word meaning ‘fly’, both physically and in spirit. The primary motif running through the strong, feminine collection is wings. They appear on rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Metaphorically they represent the fierce individuality of a woman who refuses to be anyone but herself. The collection is for the woman who embraces her femininity and traditions like marriage but isn’t tied down or bound by them. It is for the invincible bride who continues to follow her dreams, continues to be herself, continues to soar.

Commenting on the campaign for the collection, which stars British actress and model Sapna Pabbi, the managing director of Jaipur Jewels, Amit Naheta, stated, “Each piece from Myga has been designed to feature wings, which are representative of the individual spirit of women. It is commendable how effortlessly Sapna and Nuno Olivera expressed our emotions through beautiful visuals.”

Take an exclusive peak at what went into the making of the campaign:

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