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February 22, 2017

Verve Exclusive: A look at Hermès’ whimsical windows

Text by Wyanet Vaz

Arty, dramatic and provocatively intelligent…

A perfectly hand-stitched piece cannot be rushed. Which is why almost two centuries ago, royal coronations would be put on hold until the arrival of fine Hermès carriage fittings. Most of their products, including the famous Birkin is constructed by a single artisan — a more traditional approach to manufacturing. Each bag takes 48 work hours to complete and their atelier produces only five or so each week.

The Hermès windows at the Mumbai flagship store pay homage to these well-made products through the theme ‘Object Sense’. They express the idea that an Hermès object lives with you and lives its own life too. The windows draw inspiration from pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s works. You can always tell a Lichtenstein by his tongue-in-cheek approach and mechanical pattern of dots. So, while you walk around Horniman Circle, stop to stare at the humorous display of ties emanating from a spray can, a bag that replaces the diamond on a ring… or a rarified world with its own values and ways of working.

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