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October 20, 2016

Payal Khandwala’s Advice for the Unconventional Bride

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

From minimalist trousseau ideas to clean and strong beauty looks — ladies, take notes!

The Payal Khandwala bride…
“She is any girl that cares about style more than she does about fashion. And she is practical too, so she won’t sacrifice her comfort for it. She isn’t content playing princess either she would much rather be king on her big day! I would say she is a gentle non-conformist.”

Pitfalls to avoid…
“I see several brides with too much make-up, too much fabric and too much bling. Pick an outfit that is not too fussy so it doesn’t drown the real you. It’s not your outfit’s wedding day, it’s yours.”

Evergreen bridal trends…
“I’m not a believer in trends in general. I think you should stick with what works for you, size, shape and personality wise.”

Beauty look for the minimalist bride…
“I would say a gentle blushed look for the cheek, kajal, eyeliner or smokey shadow for defined eyes and a fresh palette for a natural lip. Or only mascara, some highlighter on the lid and a bright matte mouth.”

Golden rule for D-day…
“Don’t carry a bag, use your pockets so you’re hands free for hugs and shakes.”

For the sangeet ceremony…
“I think a brocade shirt-dress can be a great alternative for a sangeet ceremony, you can get the fullness of a skirt but it’s less predictable.”

Payal Khandwala for the minimalist bride…
“We keep it restrained. We don’t overwork the surfaces, keep the clothes simple and sensible. So no cancan, no to many dupattas, no to heavy cumbersome clothes. Instead we focus on the drama that comes from our unique colour palette and our signature silhouettes.”

Recommendation from The New Emperor Collection…
“Our brocade lehenga with a men’s sherwani. Both are timeless and tow a fine line between feminine and masculine.”

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