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October 21, 2014

My Bridal Finery – Pushpanjali Chawla

Text by Priyanka Monga

Entrepreneur Pushpanjali Sharma speaks to Verve about her bridal ensembles created by renowned fashion designer JJ Valaya

  • Pushpanjali Chawla, JJ Valaya
  • Pushpanjali Chawla, JJ Valaya
  • Pushpanjali Chawla, JJ Valaya

Businesswoman, New Delhi  
Designer: JJ Valaya

Ever since I was a child, I used to love seeing my mother’s beautiful collection of jamawar shawls. I was always fascinated by the intricacy of the weave. So much so, that it stayed in my mind and became the inspiration for my wedding lehenga.

Long before I started planning for my trousseau, I was very sure that I wanted to wear a JJ Valaya creation for my wedding for I admire his regal designs that exude a sense of timelessness.

My brief to JJ, a dear friend, was very clear. I told him that I wanted a lehenga inspired by the delicate and intricate workmanship and lovely colour palette of the jamawar shawls. Since JJ too has a deep love for the heritage textile, it was a perfect match. I was also 100 per cent certain that I did not want a red lehenga – I wanted my favourite colour, pink, to be predominant in my outfit. And, lastly I emphasised that the choli should be of a hue that most brides would not normally pick – like a blue or a green.

Apart from these basic prerequisites, I left the entire creative process to JJ as I wanted my wedding outfit to have all the royal flair that his creations exemplify. He completely fulfilled all my dreams. JJ created an eternal work of art!!

My best friend, Suzanne Moenssens Etherington IV, has put up a picture of my wedding day in her home. Visitors to her house who see my photograph in my wedding attire refuse to believe that I am not an Indian princess. But then, I did feel like a princess at my wedding and I did marry the prince of my dreams!

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