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October 10, 2016

What To Expect From Masaba Gupta’s Collection At AIFW SS17

Text by Sadaf Shaikh

The progressive designer talks to us about her collection inspired by the city of New York

About the collection…
“I will be showing a line of evening wear that is ideal for a cocktail extravaganza. My range is based on the cosmopolitan nature of the well-travelled women of New York with their distinctive likes and dislikes. It caters to girls who like to experiment with strong silhouettes and go wild with their fashion choices. I’ve used a monochromatic canvas interspersed with pops of colours.”

On the avant-garde theme this season…
“I love how young girls have been experimental with the way they dress lately. From choosing comfort wear over luxury labels to mixing up every day casual wear with couture pieces, they are doing it all fabulously. To me, this theme is all about ushering in the new while paying homage to the old. It allows me to create my own renditions of eternal styles like kaftans and deconstructed casuals with occasional appearances of velvet.”

A line of progressive Indian wear…
“I would like to see our women take the same sartorial risks like their counterparts in New York. I believe that cuts and silhouettes are an interesting aspect to play with since the process allows me to create a whole new ensemble. This includes culottes doubling up as dresses, drape skirts, gold jackets and deconstructed saris with neoprene bomber jackets. My current fusion favourites are modern dresses paired with oversized jackets and shararas worn with robes.”

The inspiration…
“My muse this season is the modern Indian woman. She is a power dresser who also likes to explore the feminine side of fashion and incorporate colours tastefully into her wardrobe.”

The shade card…
“My line has been conceptualized after Maybelline’s Vivid Matte lipstick range. I’ve picked vibrant tones and integrated it into my pieces. You’ll see a bunch of tone-on tone items in bright pink, purple and sunshine yellow alongside the key monochromatic palette.”

The quintessential ‘Masaba Gupta woman…
“She is passionate and fearless in the way she goes about her life. She is an advocate of the carpe diem philosophy and finding joy in small things is second nature to her. She doesn’t let trends define her wardrobe but focuses on what she is most comfortable in and makes it her trademark style.”

Go-to lipstick shades…
“Coral, pink and purple from Maybelline’s Vivid Matte lipstick range. You’ll mostly find me in pink or orange lips on a regular day.”

In your beauty bag…
“Lip balm, rose water spray, face mist and Vitamin C drops.”

Beauty advice for the modern woman…
“Don’t overdo any aspect of your face, be it makeup or hair. Minimalism is in. And this will probably sound like jaded advice but fundamentals are key – wear sufficient sunscreen and moisturize your face regularly.”

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