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April 22, 2015

Glam Packed: Gauri Pradhan

Compiled by Huzan Tata

Verve unravels the travel secrets of the fashion set, dipping into their cherished wish lists, memorable experiences and must-have accessories

Always in her bag Neutrogena sunscreen, her phone to click photos, beach bags, and toys for the twins.

On her wish list “I’ve really wanted a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses for the longest time. So I bought them on my last trip abroad.”

Next stamp on her passport A trip to Goa, followed by New York and California for the long summer break.

A memorable travel experience “Around nine years ago, my husband (TV actor, Hiten Tejwani) and I went to Spain and Italy in December. It was so cold. We got onto a water-taxi in Venice and were the only people with five huge suitcases; everyone else just had backpacks. It was so funny and embarrassing. But it was one of our best holidays. And after that I chose to always travel light!”

She can’t get enough of Goa. “My kids, Hiten and I love beaches so it’s the best option. We also love the food there.”

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