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August 18, 2014

Love in a Hopeless Place

Text by Nittal Chandarana

The season of chick-lits is nigh! Grab that perfect spot in the house and settle down to devour these contemporary love affairs

  • Love in a Hopeless Place, Secrets and Second Chances, Romance Novels
  • Love in a Hopeless Place, Fade ino Red, Romance Novels
  • Love in a Hopeless Place,  Romance Novels, It's Complex

We never tire of chick-lit. Give us a dreamy book, a tub of ice-cream (preferably butterscotch-flavoured), a fluffy pillow and we’re yours. Romantic sagas offer a parallel reality; a limbo, if you may. They are penned with dollops of hope, a hint of willing suspension of disbelief and a compulsive happy ending. Of course, there’s a pot full of gold at the end of the rainbow. And Cupid is busy fashioning the choicest non-injury arrows for you. And the old woman in the shoe secretly morphs into a damsel atop a stiletto to be whisked away by Prince Charming. Why would you ever think otherwise? Verve presents to you a trio of romance novels to rid you of the monsoon blues. We’re sure you’ll paint a pretty picture reading these with raindrops glistening down the window pane by your side.

Secrets and Second Chances
Anita Shirodkar
Rupa Publications
A young architect moving to the bay for better opportunities. This shift from the capital did her good! She is embroiled in a love triangle of sorts with two handsome men coveting her affections. Throw in a mysterious letter where she unravels her mother’s shocking past. Who is this secret writer? Who does she finally pick? Don’t you want to know too? Here’s your weekly afternoon read sorted.

Fade Into Red
Reshma K. Barshikar
Vintage books – Random House India
Twenty-something protagonist Ayra is struggling with the dilemma we all face today – do what you love and reek in poverty or become a sell-out and live the grand life. But wait. Just when you were about to exclaim ‘Story of my life!’, Ayra’s life spins. She’s sent to Rome with a client and is thrown into the midst of a dodgy deal. There’s a Mr. Millionaire Playboy to gawk at and the backdrop of the beautiful Tuscan Hills to complete the mystery. It’s Europe. We’re ready for even a virtual visit.

It’s Complex!
Shoma Narayanan
Rupa Publications
It’s the city of high-rises and efficient, busy people. You wouldn’t be caught dead at your neighbour’s doorstep, little bowl in hand, whimpering for sugar. But then how does one love thy neighbour? This book seems to have the reply. Jai and Nikita, both writers, residing in the same residential society, get together after a dramatic incident. And thereby begins a tempestuous romance. There is love, quarrelling, peace, conflict, drama; the makings of a true entertainer. Will their relationship survive the challenges the city throws at them? Read away to find out.

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