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September 10, 2016

Powering Through Life

What is it like to be a woman surgeon? Verve puts together hard-hitting experiences of women who treat their professions as battlegrounds, where victory is only a diminutive part of the journey

Regardless of what profession one is in – whether the CEO of a firm, an actress in Bollywood, a journalist or a surgeon, one has to be able to deal with adversity in the workplace. Being a Woman Surgeon by Dr. Preeti R John, is a compilation of personal narratives that offers a vivid portrayal of the culture of surgery from a woman’s perspective. It is the first anthology of its kind in the world, with contributions by a multidisciplinary group of women surgeons.

“Despite differences in age, background and race, we have one thing in common: we have persevered to become trained in this demanding profession and are passionate in what we do – making a difference in other people’s lives.” Dr Preeti R. John, along with other women surgeons narrate stories and anecdotes from a field they believe is as gruelling as it is satisfying.

On compassion

On the realities of being women surgeons

On navigating biases

On finding mentors

On whether the hard life is worth it

On finding a work-life balance

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