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September 06, 2017

Prepare For A Burst Of Nutritious Flavours At Henpecked

Text by Saumya Sinha

Fancy some healthful, wholesome meals made from fresh local produce? Here’s where you want to be

Before we indulge our palates at this new eatery, we take some time to absorb the story of the new space through its wooden interiors and eclectic decor. A fairly welcoming restaurant, it is tucked in a sequestered lane of South Mumbai. The swanky SoBo space will woo you with its fresh local produce in the form of exotic preparations that range from Gorgonzola Salads to Portobello Florentine pizzas.

We begin our food trail with the Burrata Caprese salad that doesn’t fail to impress in both preparation and presentation, as we enjoy a generous serving of the first course alongside cocktails – a Pimm’s and Kambucha. We find ourselves spoilt for choice with an extensive menu at hand for our main order. We eventually settle for devouring slices of their touted traditional hand-pressed Dominant vegetarian pizza topped with three kinds of peppers, caramelised onions, zucchini and sundried tomatoes – nibbling on the freshly baked vegetarian Shepard’s pie. Moving on from the delightful veggies to some delectable fish, we sample the main course with the Pan Charred Rawas – a meal fit for an occasion. Ending the meal on a sweet note, we treat ourselves to some heavenly chocolate in the form of the Golden Snitch and the Mocha Fudge Treat, each of which leaves our palates satiated. 

There is a lot more to their menu and it demands more than a couple of dinner reservations or extended lunch breaks. Right from The Butternut Squash,  Dark Hummus and Braised Lamb Smoked Aubergine to the Napolitano Pizzas topped with Buffalo Mozzarella and Burrata cheese cooked in a traditional Italian wood fired oven, the options are plenty and sumptuous. Their pizza sauce, which is made using fresh San Mazano tomatoes adds to the flavour of the glorious preparations. Head to Henpecked for breakfast or brunch where some farm-raised eggs specialties like the Eggs Decker and Classic French Toast await you! As a clincher, the restaurant offers platters with cheese sourced from the world over so cheese enthusiasts ought to schedule a visit soon.

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