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Weight watching

Wishful Shrinking

Text by Sadaf Shaikh. Photographed by Sushant Chhabria. Styled by Shweta Navandar. Hair and make-up by Jean-Claude Biguine, India

Pihu Sand made her acting debut as Lata Sharma, a plus-sized singer with stars in her eyes, in Fanney Khan (2018). The 22-year-old gives an honest account of how she was made to gain 20 kgs for the role and then pressured into taking it all off to sustain her relevance in an industry with demanding beauty ideals. Sadaf Shaikh, who continues to struggle with her fitness targets, weighs in...
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Mixed Martial Arts in India and Mumbai

Mix It Up

Text by Simone Louis

Bored of your old workout routine? Or just want to get fit and be brave at the same time? MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, will help you put your health and fitness into full throttle.
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Luke Coutinho Combating stress with Gratitude
June 16, 2014

It’s Only Weight, After All!

Text by Luke Coutinho

Whether you want to change your life in small or significant ways, lose weight or manage stress, you have the power to do so
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May 31, 2014

As A Matter of Fat

Text by Viseshika Sharma. Illustration by Farzana Cooper

It’s more about the highs and lows in your head and your heart, than the fluctuating ups and downs on the scales
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