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Reema Kagti, Film Director, Honeymoon Travels, Talaash

Directing Aamir Khan

Text by Rukhmini Punoose. Photograph by Ankur Chaturvedi

From jumping a wall in Assam just to catch a movie, to being able to direct Mr Perfectionist with no film background, Reema Kagti’s nerves of steel have brought her this far. Verve interacts with the feisty writer-director
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Karishma Grover, Brand Manager, Grover Vineyards Ltd.

Familial Tableaux

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena and Nasrin Modak. Photographs by Ankur Chaturvedi (Mumbai), Shibu Arakkal (Bengaluru) and Amit Dey (New Delhi)

Boasting a bloodline that catapults them into the boss’s swivel chair, these young women are more than willing to roll up their sleeves and get down to business, from the shop floor upwards. Caught in an exchange with Verve, six Gen Next heiresses speak about their parental influences, corporate visions and dreams for the future
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Salman Khan, Bollywood Actor
September 18, 2010

Bachelor Boy

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Illustrations by Kunal Kundu

Always colourful, often controversy-ridden, sometimes mercurial, at times moody, a bit of a maverick but definitely a lover boy with strains of both the soft, chocolate romantic and the rugged action hero in his personality.... Salman Khan – the original hot bod – speaks about his life and loves, his fans and feelings, in an exchange with Verve
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Dr Ashwani Kumar, A lawyer, politician, minister and culture aficionado

Economies Of Style

Text by Sita Wadhwani

The laurels, the career graph, the perfectly precise sound bytes, the wrinkle-free suit and neatly combed hair. It’s almost too perfect. A lawyer, politician, minister and culture aficionado, Dr Ashwani Kumar, spends an afternoon with Verve, discussing democratic politics, true luxury and a tryst with Dior
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Milind Deora, Congress
December 14, 2006

Inheritance Of Governance

Text by Alpana Chowdhury. Photographs by Ankur Chaturvedi

He is young, urbane, western educated and tech-savvy. Bursting with optimism, veteran politician, Murli Deora’s son is the new face of the Congress Party. For someone who was surprisingly not raised to enter public life, 29-year-old Milind Deora has learnt the ropes fast and is swiftly making himself heard on a regular basis. The businessman turned parliamentarian indulges in plain speak with Verve
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