People | Verve Magazine - Part 3
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Motivational social media accounts have emerged as an unexpected champion of emotional and mental health, providing a much-needed shot of positivity to those seeking to manage stress, grief and anxiety. Best-selling author, speaker and serial social entrepreneur Neeta Bhushan leads Verve down a path of self-introspection
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Double Talk

Double Talk

Text by Anandita Bhalerao. Illustrations by Rohan Hande

The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the young (or rich), just as learning a new language doesn’t have to be limited to classrooms. Anandita Bhalerao explores the stories of six individuals and the eclectic mix of languages acquired between them
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Like Father Unlike Daughter

Text by Sadaf Shaikh. Photographed By Sushant Kadam. Hair And Make-Up By Anuradha Raman. Location Courtesy: Soho House Mumbai

Creative consultant Ekta Rajani and businessman Suresh Rajani may share the same blood, but their approaches to style are hardly related. The daughter’s downsized and minimalist-yet-original wardrobe has inspired young consumers to re-evaluate their purchasing patterns, while the equally couture-conscious father follows a more outlandish school of fashion. Verve spends a day observing the pair’s tailor-made modes of self-expression
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Sukhada Tatke
December 04, 2019

Below The Surface

Image Courtesy: Ida Taavitsainen / Millennium Images, UK

Five years after learning how to swim, Sukhada Tatke finally tests the waters outdoors and contemplates the existential uncertainties of nature while floating in the rippling Schlachtensee in Berlin
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Puja Sarup, Actor, Pulkit Mogha, Photographer

All The (Drag) King’s Men

Text by Megha Shah. Photographed by Pulkit Mogha. Styling by Ojas Kolvankar. Assisted by Aishwaryashree Verma. Hair and Make-Up: Josie Paris Renthlei

In a compelling collaboration arranged by Verve, Puja Sarup, an actor pushing the boundaries of Indian mainstream theatre with her portrayal of a drag king, plays muse to Pulkit Mogha, a photographer who uses Instagram’s shiny grids as windows into stirring queer stories. Megha Shah discovers a common heart that beats in anticipation of a more accepting audience
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Zuni Chopra, Lavanya Raju, Ish Patil, Anjali Savansukha, Lameeya Bandukwala
October 17, 2019

Gen Zer Zuni Chopra Navigates A Dystopian Reality Without Modern Technology

Text by Huzan Tata. Photographed by Anish Sarai. Styling by Akanksha Pandey. Hair: Jean-Claude Biguine, India. Make-up: Tejaswini Mane and Neha Shaikh, Make-up Designory, India

In a special photo feature, Verve separates urban Gen Zer Zuni Chopra and her group of girlfriends – Lavanya Raju, Ish Patil, Anjali Savansukha and Lameeya Bandukwala – from their various gadgets for a day and transports them to a dystopia without modern technology. The teen author shares an exclusive poem in which she muses on an eerie reality while speculating with Verve about an analog life...
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