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Mehndi, Prabhleen Kaur, Fashion Blogger, Textile Designer
April 12, 2019

Prabhleen Kaur Paints A Contemporary Picture For The Underrated Art Of Mehndi

Photographs by Akshay Sharma. Creative Direction by Prabhleen Kaur. Assisted by Imdad Barbhuyan and Shubhra Sharma. Make-up by Hardika Saroy. Muses: Rajat Trehan, Nathan Khiangte, Gavin George, Afsha, Melissa Khiangte, Prabhleen Kaur

Visually inviting, soothing on the skin, earthy scents – mehndi stimulates all senses. The undervalued art of its application is a beautiful technique, which also creates a shared space of intimacy between the person applying the henna and the one whose skin is being adorned. In an exclusive project for Verve, Delhi-based visual artist and textile designer Prabhleen Kaur uses the contours of palms and feet as canvases, and conceptualises contemporary mehndi designs that celebrate indigenous motifs and human diversity
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