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The Hybrid Life, Time and Time again, Lifestyle, Fashion, Decor
April 13, 2016

#TheHybridLife: The Ever-Changing Rules of Lifestyle and Decor

Text by Milika Hariani. Illustration by Farzana Cooper

Lifestyles, fashion and decorating have gone through a huge sea change, somehow encompassing past trends as well as reflecting the multilayered climate of our times
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yoga and celebrities bollywood alia bhatt hollywood madonna kareena kapoor
July 01, 2015

Om Sweet Om

Text by Wyanet Vaz, Images via Instagram

Verve unrolls the mat and follows celebrities to find the perfect yoga technique
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How to commit to a fitness regime - workout, new year fitness resolutions, sticking to the plan, healthy living
February 01, 2015

Commitment Combat

Text by Simone Louis

As the first month of 2015 fades away, don't let your enthusiasm and ambition go with it. Why not treat fitness like one would a relationship? Verve helps you commit to a healthy lifestyle
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Tarun Tahiliani

Verve enters the sumptuous universe of Tarun Tahiliani who straddles his own creations with confidence and flair
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Laila and Farhan Furniturewalla

Shared Passions

Text by Malvika Sah. Photographs by Ankur Chaturvedi.

Laila and Farhan Furniturewalla are well-known faces in Mumbai’s home décor arena and the social circuit. They invite Verve to their luxe abode, for a chat about their work, lifestyle and their affinity for travel and exceptional furniture pieces – each with a tale of its own
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