Comedy | Verve Magazine - Part 3
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Author and comedienne Radhika Vaz
February 05, 2016

"...the expectations on women to be perfect humans is unrealistic and stupid and that we can all ignore every single one" says Radhika Vaz
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Arunabh Kumar, The Viral Fever, comedy, Indian TV shows, The Pitchers, digital shorts, online content, CEO
December 07, 2015

What Tickles Arunabh Kumar’s Funny Bone?

Text by Tanisha Choudhury

The CEO and Founder of The Viral Fever talks about the best part of his job, his greatest challenge and more...
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Aditi Mittal, Stand-up Comedian
August 04, 2015

Aditi Mittal: Punching Up or Punching Down?

Text by Aditi Mittal. Illustration by Rahul Das

Comedy, in all its shapes and forms, is simultaneously the most simple and complicated thing to process. Decoding its power, Verve looks at its relevance in the Indian context
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