Chennai | Verve Magazine - Part 4
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April 10, 2014

Artful Entertainment

Text by Devanshi Mody

Society ladies in designer wear…wine and cheese evenings…and, of course, artwork – sophisticated in concept and execution. Check out the various hues of the recently concluded Art Chennai that was an ‘exclusive-inclusive’
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Krithika Subrahmanian
November 01, 2013

Grace & Fluidity

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Photographs by Sukil Tarnas and Khushboo Agarwal

Her discipline, elegance and eye for details – developed over years of dancing – have helped enhance her sensibilities as an architect. Chennai-based Krithika Subrahmanian interacts with Verve in her home that resonates with a sense of aesthetics
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Tina Malhotra, Evoluzione
October 11, 2013

House Of Treasures

Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena. Photographs by Sukil Tarnas and Khushboo Agarwal.

Inspired by her belief that a house should be a beautiful expression of its owner’s sensibilities, Tina Malhotra’s abode in Chennai is a synergy of eclectic art and stylish influences. The owner of the fashion store Evoluzione lets Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena into her personal space and speaks of the way she and her home have evolved
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Amritha Juliana, Cosmetologist

Southern Savoir Faire

Text by Shirin Salwan. Photographs by Sukil Tarnas and Khushboo Agarwal.

Discover luxury preceded by modesty; beauty paired with humility and elegance accentuated by traditional values. Shirin Salwan travels to Chennai and meets four women from different walks of life, discovers their heirlooms as well as their eternal passion for a brand that has for decades been a symbol of luxe — Louis Vuitton
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Vivanta By Taj – Madikeri, Coorg

Whether you’re in the mood for a green getaway or a city break, there’s a destination for every whim. Verve lists the hot new properties that great memories are made of
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November 25, 2010

The Elite Address

Watercolours by Bappa

Quiet, clean environs and tree-lined avenues…old-world bungalows and landscaped condos…swanky wheels and round-the-clock security.... Verve stops by at the luxe locales of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata
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