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Candid Camera

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Candid Camera: A Prayer For Her

Photograph by Mandar Parab. Compiled by Wyanet Vaz

One needs to cross broad valleys, cold deserts and crumbling cliffs to reach the 1200-year-old monastery in Spiti Valley. Mandar Parab’s camera focusses on faith, that still continues to move mountains...
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Candid Camera photography melancholy shoot Panic at the Disco
August 01, 2015

Candid Camera: Lovelorn

Photograph by Parizad D. Compiled by Tanisha Choudhury

Parizad D's image captures the eccentric melancholy of unrequited love
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Fragile hearts by Bhumika Bhatia

Candid Camera: Youth

Photograph by Bhumika Bhatia. Compiled by Saumya Sinha

Bhumika Bhatia’s hauntingly beautiful imagery breathes life into the wonderland that every heart aches for
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Mumbai-based photographer Anurag Banerjee, Candid Camera, Framed

Candid Camera: Love in Mumbai

Photographed by Anurag Banerjee

Discover how Mumbai city celebrates love even in the unlikeliest of situations and the tightest of spots
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Prashant Viswanathan Bonda Tribe Odisha women empowerment light NGO Candid Camera
February 02, 2015

Candid Camera: Shining Bright

Photograph by Prashanth Viswanathan. Curated by Tejal Pandey

When light and empowerment become synonymous, metaphorically and literally....
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Verve's Candid Camera series: Moving Photographs. Anurag Banerjee
January 01, 2015

Candid Camera: Shared Spaces

Photograph by Anurag Banerjee. Curated by Tejal Pandey

An expression so captivating, it's tough to imagine it comes from a pavement-dweller's relationship with her pets
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