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May 08, 2017

Meet The Team Behind Nicobar

Text by Wyanet Vaz and Tanisha Choudhury

Spearheaded by Simran Lal, we look at her team of creative professionals who inject design into everyday living

Vandana Verma – Head of content

Born in the UK, Vandana Verma grew up in Mumbai, Madras, Delhi, and London. She was the editor of Motherland, the food and lifestyle editor at Time Out Delhi and has worked with brands such as Cobra Beer and the The Guardian. As a custodian of Nicobar’s voice, Verma oversees the magazine and builds the Nicobar world, from an editorial point of view. 

How do you present the values of Nicobar that through the Journal?
Nicobar’s own aesthetic is essential, clean, contemporary, and the brand’s content cannot help but be an extension of that. We’re careful to ensure that the imagery and stories that we put on our blog and social platform are true to the brand’s evolving story, and to its evolving language; whether by picking individuals to feature whose stories and ambitions echo our own, or whether it is showing off our line in the sort of setting that we inhabit ourselves, the one common tangent to our stories a sense of warmth and authenticity, which also means that our content naturally mirrors the brand whose story it is telling.

Who are some people who exemplify the Nicobar lifestyle?
The people we feature in our Journal do… for instance, Bani Nanda – the incredible pastry chef behind Miam who is an entrepreneur, has incredible style and is utterly and entirely charming. But it is also the people who tag us, every day, in pictures on Instagram – artists, designers, chefs, writers, homemakers, students… all of whom sit somewhere on the spectrum of the Nicobar lifestyle.

What goes into the curation of the magazine?
The primary focus is and has to be, working out how to tell the brand’s story in the most engaging way possible. But a lovely, secondary focus is helping to write that story: when we’re working out what we want to feature in the Journal our focus is simple: how would this sit in our own lives, our own wardrobes, or homes? And that makes it easy.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
My team. I’m lucky to work with a lovely bunch of individuals, and they are, without a doubt, the highlight of the work that I do.

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